Microscopy: Product news and highlights

analytica features presentations of future-proof developments in microscopy. Below is a list of select trade-fair highlights and new product developments from analytica 2018. We can’t wait to see what product innovations there will be to discover at analytica 2020. We will inform you about them here as soon as possible.

The product news and highlights for analytica 2020 will be available here as of beginning 2020. Our analytica world newsletter will remind you as soon as the program is available: Subscribe now

High Resolution & Correlative Nanoanalysis | WITec GmbH

product microscopy WITec alpha300 at the analytica 2018

The WITec alpha300 is a unique confocal Raman microscope capable of routinely performing 3D chemical Raman imaging while maintaining the highest measurement speed and spectral quality.

Raman Microspectroscopy with Automatic Focus Tracking to Save You Time and Effort | Renishaw GmbH

product microscopy Renishaw Raman Mikrospektroskopie at the analytica 2018

The new confocal Raman microscope inVia™ Qontor® is Renishaw’s most advanced Raman microspectroscope.


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