Life Sciences: Product news and highlights

analytica features presentations of future-proof developments in life science. Below is a list of select trade-fair highlights and new product developments from analytica 2018. We can’t wait to see what product innovations there will be to discover at analytica 2020. We will inform you about them here as soon as possible.

The product news and highlights for analytica 2020 will be available here as of beginning 2020. Our analytica world newsletter will remind you as soon as the program is available: Subscribe now

Automated Cell Viability Analyzer | Beckman Coulter GmbH

Life Sciences Product:  Vi-CELL XR from Beckman Coulter GmbH at the analytica 2018

The Vi-CELL Cell Viability Analyzer provides an automatic means to perform the Trypan Blue Dye Exclusion method, allowing users to load up to 9 samples.

An Efficiency Boost for Fragment Screening, Kinetics and Affinity Measurements by Spr Spectroscopy | Pall GmbH

Life Sciences Product: Pall GmbH at the analytica 2018

Pall's Pioneer platform comprises instruments for high-quality surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy. These enable label-free measurement of biomolecular interactions in real-time.

Fully Modular Microplate Reading | Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KG

Life Sciences Product: Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KG at the analytica 2018

The fully modular TriStar² combines the user friendliness of a multimode reader with the sensitivity and performance of a dedicated optical device.

Live-Cell Imaging and Single-Use Perfusion Cell Culture—Innovative and Affordable Plug & Play Solutions | Hektros S.r.L.

Life Sciences Product: Hektros S.r.L. at the analytica 2018

Incubators of the advanced Hi-line have been designed by Hektros to cost-effectively realize high-resolution imaging sequences of living cells—under optimised physiological growth conditions.

Standalone Dynamic Light Scattering Detection with Cuvettes or with Plate Reader | Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH

Life Sciences Product:  Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH at the analytica 2018

Revolutionize your performance by transforming your conventional, batch dynamic light scattering system into the stable, automated DynaPro Plate Reader.

ÄKTA pure—Flexible and Intuitive Protein Purification System | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Life Sciences Product:  GE Healthcare Life Sciences at the analytica 2018

ÄKTA pure chromatography system allows for easy customization thanks to the design of hardware and software. Choose from more than 20 hardware options.

New Generation SEC Columns for Small-Scale Preparative Purification and Analysis of Proteins | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Life Sciences Product:  GE Healthcare Life Sciences at the analytica 2018

Four choices of new generation SEC resins for small-scale preparative purification and analysis.

Collection to Detection Diagnostic Solutions | Porex Technologies GmbH

Life Sciences Product:  Porex Technologies GmbH at the analytica 2018

POREX Collection to Detection materials improve clinical outcomes with faster/more accurate results and lower total methodology costs.

The All-In-One Solution for Western Blotting | CANDOR Bioscience GmbH

Life Sciences Product: CANDOR Bioscience GmbH at the analytica 2018

ReadyTector is the all-in-one detection solution for Western blotting. ReadyTector enables a fast one step immunodetection without background.


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