Analytical instruments: Product news and highlights

analytica features presentations of future-proof developments of analytical instruments. Below is a list of select trade-fair highlights and new product developments from analytica 2018. We can’t wait to see what product innovations there will be to discover at analytica 2020. We will inform you about them here as soon as possible.

The product news and highlights for analytica 2020 will be available here as of beginning 2020. Our analytica world newsletter will remind you as soon as the program is available: Subscribe now

Non-contact color measurement of large, irregularly shaped samples of all kinds within seconds | FMS Jansen GmbH & Co. KG

Analytical instruments Product:  Aeros® from FMS Jansen GmbH & Co. KG at the analytica 2018

In a matter of seconds Aeros reproduces human color perception according to the CIE standard valence system in an absolutely reliable way.

The Future of Segmented Flow Analyzer is Here—Total Automation, Ultra-low Detection, High Throughput | SEAL Analytical GmbH

Analytical instruments Product: SEAL AA500 from SEAL Analytical GmbH at the analytica 2018

SEAL AA500 - The AA500 is the next step in the evolution of the original world-class Technicon AutoAnalyzer.

SFC-NCD Coupling for Analysis of Nitrogen-Containing Substances | SIM GmbH

Analytical instruments Product: SEAL AA500 from SIM GmbH  at the analytica 2018

This coupling combines the advantages of the N-selective chemiluminescence detector (NCD) with those of supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC).

Handheld Oxygen Meter with Long-Term Logging and Large Choice of O2 Sensors | PyroScience GmbH

Analytical instruments Product: FireStingGO2 from PyroScience GmbH at the analytica 2018

Versatile pocket oxygen meter with stand-alone long-term data logging for O2 measurements in gas, water and aqueous samples.

Personal Handheld Photometer with Small Footprint for On-The-Spot Analysis of Liquid Samples | Tip Biosystems Pte Ltd.

Analytical instruments Product: Tip Biosystems Pte Ltd. at the analytica 2018

Analyze your liquid sample anyplace, anywhere, anytime and within seconds.

Industrial Multi Gas/- Range Mass Flow Controller | MKS Instruments Deutschland GmbH

Analytical instruments Product: IE1000 from Tip Biosystems Pte Ltd. at the analytica 2018

Mass Flow Controller designed for industrial mass flow control applications in harsh environments where water and dust may be present and must be protected against.

Nitric Oxide Measurement from ppt- up to Percent-Level | ECO PHYSICS GmbH

Analytical instruments Product: neoCLD-Serie  from ECO PHYSICS GmbH at the analytica 2018

With newly developed, powerful electronics and a new handling concept your measurement task is in our capable hands.

Characterisation of Porous and Finely Divided Solids | POROTEC GmbH

Analytical instruments Product: POROTEC GmbH at the analytica 2018

Discover the world of pores and particles from nanometer to centimeter with equipment described in more detail in the POROTEC catalogue 2017.

automatic determination of very low Hg-concentration | Gesellschaft für Analysentechnik HLS

Analytical instruments Product: Gesellschaft für Analysentechnik HLS at the analytica 2018

For more informations about the product and the company please refer to the German site.

Ultrafast Fat Analyzer for All Foods | CEM GmbH

Analytical instruments Product: CEM GmbH at the analytica 2018

Oracle allows you to determine the fat content even in unknown samples - without method development or cumbersome calibration.

Determine transmission color and haze simultaneously in next to no time | FMS Jansen GmbH & Co. KG

Analytical instruments Product:  Spektralphotometer Vista® from FMS Jansen GmbH & Co. KG at the analytica 2018

HunterLab’s new Vista spectrophotometer is a multi-function instrument that reduces the time needed to measure color and haze to less than 5 seconds.

Carbon/Nitrogen/Protein Analysis with high sample weights | LECO Instrumente GmbH

Analytical instruments Product: LECO Instrumente GmbH at the analytica 2018

The perfection of the DUMAS technology. A new dimension in macro elemental analysis.


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