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Developing new active substances in pharmaceutical chemistry is extremely complex and costly. Biosyntheses and chemical syntheses, all analysis methods as well as biotechnology and genetic engineering techniques are the foundation for developing new medications and therapy approaches. The international biotechnology trade fair analytica in Munich presents the latest and most important equipment systems for pharmaceutical issues in the context of legal guidelines and applicable standards.

The number of laws, standards and regulations that have to be met from the time an active substance is developed until it is approved is larger in the pharmaceutical industry than in almost any other branch of industry. In this sector in particular, innovations that are lawful and meet standards are the most important prerequisite for progress and economic growth.

The most modern therapies such as genetic therapy and personalized medicine help to improve the quality of life. Corresponding know-how and state-of-the-art technology guarantee the industry's ability to compete. For pharmaceutical chemistry, technology transfer, patents and approval procedures are considered key factors of success.

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New types of active substances, tissue engineering, Point-of-Care-Diagnostik and new therapeutic approaches contribute considerably to improving our quality of life. However, the industry is also character-ized by high costs and complex procedures. Automation solutions, bioinformatics issues and interdisciplinary challenges are the center of interest. Genetic technology and biotechnology now play a new key role in pharmaceutical research. New types of methods and techniques such as lab-on-a-chip technology, micro-arrays and PCR, screening and next-generation sequencing as well as high-resolution analysis and imaging techniques are indispensible for individual process steps when manufacturing new medications. From scouting to clinical studies, from sample preparation techniques to specific analysis and synthesis steps, immunology data analysis and big data, analytica provides the right solution for any problem in the pharmaceutical chemistry sector. Users benefit from a simple and transparent presentation of system solutions that make shorter analysis and experiment times and better interpretations of measuring results possible. That, in turn, makes it possible to guarantee the efficiency increases that are required in today's laboratories as well as the central availability of meaningful data in daily laboratory routines to effectively deal with constantly increasing requirements in the drug discovery sector. Research in pharmaceutical chemistry has involved more than merely synthesizing drug substances and pharmaceuticals for quite some time. Interdisciplinary solutions from biology and chemistry, medicine and diagnostics, nanotechnology and next-generation sequencing are key guarantees of success for future personalized therapies.

analytica presents future-oriented innovative solutions for pharmaceutical chemistry:

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Prominent scientists and well-known industry suppliers demonstrate the future prospects of pharmaceutical research in user-specific panel discussions and at the analytica conference. Future-oriented system solutions and state-of-the-art high-resolution analysis techniques for the pharmaceutical industry's highest standards are presented at analytica.

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