Analysis: entire value chain in industrial and research

Instrumental analysis at analytica

analytica in Munich gives visitors a comprehensive look at the latest equipment configurations, systems, components, methods and applications for the entire value chain in industrial and research analysis. Analysis is considered a driving force behind innovations in research and development in chemistry and related disciplines. Analysis itself is a research discipline that, unlike almost any other, gives rise to innovations, especially in the instrumental sector, and it also depends on those innovations.

Market leaders and innovative companies

analytica 2018

Renowned exhibitors present the latest products and services of analysis.

As of autumn 2019 you will find here all the leading manufacturers and startups with a focus on analysis which participate in analytica 2020 in our exibition directory.

Comprehensive program and Live Labs at the analytica

analytica 2018

analytica is the only event that covers all of the industry’s relevant trends on the topics of analysis and quality control in theory and practice. Find out about the trends and developments in fields such as:

• Analytical Services
• Chromatography
• Elemental Analysis
• Environmental Analysis
• Instrumental Analysis • Lab-on-a-chip
• Mass Spectrometry
• Optical Image Processing
• Particle Analysis
• Photometry
• Rapid Tests
• Spectroscopy
• Trace Analysis
• Water Analysis

A highly comprehensive program in analysis

In addition to the fair, our extensive supporting program gives visitors unique insights into current theory and practice. In the following you can get an insight into our program of analytica 2018:

Added value on the topic of analysis at analytica 2018

  • 539 exhibitors with a focus on analysis will present their products and services
  • 133 lectures on the topics of analysis
  • 5 further education opportunities
  • 2 Live labs including 22 innovative experiments / demonstrations
  • 1 Special show: Occupational safety / health and safety in the workplace

Live Lab analytica

Unlike any other other event in the world, analytica gives visitors a complete market overview. Analysis professionals are guaranteed to find the right solutions to their problems at analytica. Global players meet leading manufacturers, scientists and experts from all analysis sectors. The world’s leading trade fair for analysis in Munich is characterized by concentrated expertise and a powerful network at the global level.

From sample preparation, element analyzers and various chromatography methods, HPLC including its coupling possibilities, especially in mass spectrometry, to spectroscopy techniques such as IR, UV-Vis, AAS and ICP as well as microscopy and imaging techniques, the fair depicts all the steps in the analysis chain in their entirety. Naturally, that also includes corresponding automation concepts as well as data analysis, data storage and data management. And it does not just focus on high-end analysis: It also covers routine analysis, quality assurance and online and process analysis. Analysis tools are also indispensible when it comes to explaining important relationships in the life sciences, environmental research, biotechnology, nanotechnology, the material sciences and medical research. At the same time, next-generation concepts and smart equipment developments are opening up unimagined potential.

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