The world of the laboratory is undergoing transformation

Automation in the laboratory

Against the backdrop of increasing digitization, various processes and structures have to be reconsidered in the laboratory of the future. Network-capable laboratory devices with intelligent and smart functions, complex holistic automation concepts and efficient interface solutions are indispensable for the start of the new era. The continuous availability of gigantic data volumes places new demands on data handling and secure data storage.

All information about the special show “Digital Transformation” will be available here as of December 2019.

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Special show Digital Transformation—discover the future of digitalization at the lab

The premiere of the Digital Transformation Forum at analytica 2018 established a new crowd puller for both visitors and exhibitors alike.

In 2020, showrooms and live interactions will be added to the forum area to implement the completely new concept of the special show “Digital Transformation”. It will combine presentations on the latest developments in digital change at the lab and real-life examples from exhibitors in a special show area.