Forum Digital Transformation—Partners overview

Forum Digital Transformation partners

Here you can experience solutions for the world of tomorrow today. The forum will be addressing issues of both current and future interest for laboratory decision-makers. The following market leaders are presented:

Eppendorf AG

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Secure documentation and intuitive device monitoring for your daily work in the lab

By demonstrating the versatile Electronic Lab Notebook elabJournal from Bio-ITech in combination with the VisioNize®-System Eppendorf gives an insight into the possibilities of an efficient and intuitive digital documentation of daily laboratory tasks. The Centrifuge 5427R, the ThermoMixer® C, the BioSpectrometer®, the Mastercycler®nexus and the CryoCube® F740 ULT freezer are shown in two exemplary workflows.

Mettler Toledo GmbH

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EasyMax Synthesis Workstation with iControl Software – chemical development and process optimization made easy, fast and accurate

The EasyMax 102 Advanced synthesis workstation allows chemists and engineers to develop and optimize new synthetic routes, increase the speed of development and reduce cost. Workstation replaces round bottom flasks and jacketed lab reactors with working volumes between 0.5mL-100mL.

The compact solid-state thermostat covers a temperature range from -40 °C to 180 °C and does not require cumbersome oil or ice baths, or bulky cryostats. Precise control allows chemists and engineers to control reaction parameters such as temperature, pH, stirrer rpm, or reagent addition. All data is captured for evaluation or report preparation.


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nexygen®, an initiative of the companies Köttermann, Memmert, Hirschmann and 2mag, shows - as at ANALYTICA 2016 - its contribution to the laboratory of the future.

The application-related networking of a Memmert heating cabinet, a Hirschmann peristaltic pump and a 2mag magnetic stirrer, together with a functional Köttermann laboratory cabinet, will be presented impressively.

The simple, user-oriented and interactive networking of the individual products is made possible by the future-proof OPC UA interface technology.

The visualized operation of the application process is highlighted during ANALYTICA by virtual reality glasses.

nexygen® - the laboratory of the future.

The federation of companies includes the following Partners:


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Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Science will continue to change the world, and digital technology will accelerate the pace of that change. Cloud-enabled instruments can ensure everything in a lab is connected, from data management to procurement, fostering a more open and collaborative environment. The ability to connect multiple instruments and share data also simplifies workflows and lab management, helping our customers meet their goals for productivity and innovation. Attend one of our Digital Transformation presentations to learn more about the Thermo Fisher™ Digital Science Platform and experience how our digital ecosystem will help change the way science is done.


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