The world of the laboratory is undergoing transformation

Automation in the laboratory

Against the backdrop of increasing digitization, various processes and structures have to be reconsidered in the laboratory of the future. Network-capable laboratory devices with intelligent and smart functions, complex holistic automation concepts and efficient interface solutions are indispensable for the start of the new era. The continuous availability of gigantic data volumes places new demands on data handling and secure data storage.

Please notice that all information below refer to analytica 2018. The program for analytica 2020 will be available here as of October 2019.

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Forum “Digital Transformation”
Location Forum area in hall B2 Zwei Personen am Messestand
Partners Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eppendorf AG, Nexygen, SPECTARIS
Events 59 lectures and presentations

The forum adresses current and future issues for laboratory decision-makers

  • What will the laboratory of the future be like? (Short, thought-provoking presentations)

  • Benefits of digital networking (interfaces /LIMS). What does this mean for manufacturers and users?

  • How can I make my laboratory even more effective? How can laboratory processes be optimized?

  • How can I manage data diversity and notably data security?

  • How can regulations and standards be implemented ideally?

  • New developments from the fields of automation and robotics

Further events and presentations focusing on “Digital Transformation”
Today, analytica is already presenting solutions for the world of tomorrow and highlighting the opportunities and threats of digital transformation in the laboratory. It is mapping out future trends on the three pillars of its trade fair concept.

Find here an overview.
Virtuelle Welt des Labors

analytica conference

  • Big data tools for OMICS

  • Bioinformatics and big data applications in microbiome analysis

  • From big data to smart data

  • Big analytical data sets—chemometrics an analysis and evaluation aid

analytica supporting program

  • Focus day: Personalized medicine (from big data to smart data in personalized medicine)

  • Dedicated “Digital Transformation” forum (for more details see below)


  • 159 manufacturers will be presenting solutions in the fields of digitization, automation, robotics, LIMS, networking, etc.

  • This will be completed by the new special Show Digital Transformation in hall B2 (B2.429) with the presence of renowned experts.

    List of exhibitors:
    Mettler-Toledo GmbH (B2.429-3)
    Thermo Fisher Scientific (B2.429-3)
    Eppendorf AG (B2.429-4)