analytica conference agenda

The analytica conference program of events

Look forward to enthralling lectures from prominent speakers from around the world at analytica 2020. The new agenda will be available here as of December 2019.

Here you can see a review of analytica conference 2018 program:

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
  • Multiomics
  • BIG DATA Tools for OMICS
  • Novel aspects of hormone analysis
  • Clinical mass spectrometry in metabolomics and proteomics application
  • Reference Ranges—Data Mining at the Cusp of Clinical Translation
  • Mobility—Mass Spectrometry: Hype or Ripe? Theory and Application
  • From Big Data to Smart Data
  • Young Analysts in Process Analytics
  • Aptamer-based Biosensors
  • Analysis of Contemporary Materials for Food and other Uses
  • Analysis of Bioactivity in Foods to Complement High Resolution Methodologies, Eberhardt-Gerstel-Award
  • Modem Analytical Approaches for Emerging Contaminants in Foods
  • Ion Mobility—Mass Spectrometry: Hype or Ripe? Theory and Application
  • Eberhardt-Gerstel-Award
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
  • OMICS Tools for Precision medicine
  • Genomics
  • Laboratory management
  • Aspects of Quality Management in the Serological Immune Diagnostics
  • Archaeometry and Conservation Science, Standardization for OMICS experiments
  • Analysis of perfluorinated Compounds
  • Analysis of Microplastics
  • Analytical Challenges from Implementing Consumer-oriented Legislation
  • Trends in Analytical Toxicology—New Matrices, New Methods, New Analytes
  • ABC-Spotlight on Bio- and Environmental Analysis
  • Standardization for OMICS experiments
Thursday, April 12, 2018
  • Pharmaceutical Protein Characterization
  • Metabolomics: from the discovery of differential metabolites to function elucidation
  • Bioinformatics and Big Data Applications in Microbiome Analysis (DGKL)
  • Accreditation of Medical Laboratories in Europe
  • Preanalytical issues
  • New Developments in Analytical Spectroscopy—The Power of Light
  • New Developments in Analytical Spectroscopy—The Power of Speciation Analysis
  • New Developments in Analytical Spectroscopy—The Power of Nanoanalysis
  • Aerosols and Health: Charaterisation of the Composition and the Toxicological Effects of Air Pollution
  • Große analytische Datensätze
  • Modern analytical aspects in TDM and Clinical Toxicology
  • Bunsen Kirchhoff Award

The lectures were presented in the language of the title, there was no simultaneous translation.

(Last update April, 2018)