EMS-1000 Viscometer

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The Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer is a rotational viscometer.
It measures the viscosity of liquids through observation of a rotating sphere which is driven by electromagnetic interaction.
The EMS technology distinguishes itself from other rotational viscometers by the main characteristics:
• All parts of the viscometer which come in direct contact with the sample are disposable and inexpensive.
• The measurements are performed in a sealed sample vessel.
• The system requires only very small sample quantities (0.3 mL).
• Wide range of temperatures accessible temperatures (0-200°C).
• Fast and reliable measurements, which can take less than 5 seconds.

• Concentration series - it is possible to determine the concentration dependency of the viscosity by diluting the same sample up to 26 times.
• Sample can be recovered after measurement - the perfect solution for samples which are only available in small quantities.
• Volatile and toxic samples - thanks to its sealed cuvettes, it is possible to measure the viscosity of toxic materials or monitor the viscosity of samples during a long period of time and/or at elevated temperatures without measuring errors caused by evaporation.
• Controlled atmosphere measurements - monitor the viscosity during chemical reactions which must be performed under inert gas or overpressure conditions.
• Melt viscosity and thermosetting materials -  the EMS Viscometer is the ideal solution for viscosity measurements of samples like adhesives or to perform studies of viscosity changes of polymer solutions during polymerizations: no cleaning required after measurement.

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