Storage of columns: safe and clean storage in GC and HPLC

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Altmann Analytik GmbH & Co. KG is an international specialty retailer for chromatography and laboratory supplies headquartered in Munich. In addition to its wide range of products for instrumental and milk analysis, Altmann Analytik is now launching a series of storage systems.

Part of this product series is the robust storage cabinet for HPLC and GC columns. It offers a compact and simple solution for stowing separation and capillary columns and can also be customized to the client's liking. It has foam troughs with space for up to 30 HPLC or 5 GC columns and can be expanded with an additional insert tray, which provides storage space for laboratory parts. The sturdy and stackable steel housing protects sensitive columns from damage, contamination or even loss - ensuring reproducible test results and consistent performance.

Suboptimal storage of sensitive consumables such as HPLC columns may be directly related to lower column performance, faster wear and excessive consumption. To avoid these negative aspects the Munich-based chromatography specialist is now presenting a new storage system for laboratories in all sectors.

By investing in a low-cost storage cabinet you can not only save valuable budget in the lab, but also ensure a clean and tidy work environment. These and other storage systems with individually selectable storage compartments are available directly from Altmann Analytik and specialist retailers.

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