Sample Preparation for MS - Liquid extraction of analytes on surfaces

ERC GmbH |
2017 Award Winner R&D100!

The SepQuant® dropletProbe™ allows the liquid surface extraction of analytes and separation via HPLC prior to mass spectrometry analysis. A highly stable liquid micro-junction sampling technology thanks to its patented laser sensor-to-surface controls.

The patented laser sensor-to-surface technology allows the precise and automatic positioning of the liquid interface. Sample height variability is no longer a limitation and the automated calibration ensures trouble-free operation.

In the "droplet process", a liquid junction is formed between needle and surface after precise and automatic positioning of the injection needle above a pre-defined point on the surface. The analytes are dissolved in extraction solvent which is then retracted into the needle. A sample loop is filled for injection in the subsequent HPLC-MS / MS analysis.

Sampler + SepQuant dropletProbe are available as complete system, or can be retrofitted to existing CTC PAL samplers.

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