Be a part of the special show “Occupational safety & Health”

What are the other ways of attracting attention for your product at analytica as well as on your stand? For example at the special show devoted health and safety in the workplace. These special shows, with their fascinating live lecture, are one of the main audience attractions of this leading trade fair. We recommend that you apply for a place in the special shows as soon as possible so that you can focus the audience’s attention directly on you company.

The special show “Occupational safety & Health” informs in exciting and explosive Live shows how fast hazards or accidents can happen and how to prevent them.

As an exhibitor, you have the chance to be part of the special show “Occupational safety & Health”. Take advantage of this additional visitor attraction and the possibility to present products, which are important for the safety at work, for example safety cabinets, gas detectors, protective clothing, etc.

Please notice that all information below refer to analytica 2018. All new participation details and forms relating to analytica 2020 will be available here as of October 2018.

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Your Participation—Presentation point in the immediate vicinity of the special show occupational safety & Health

  • Presentation platform (1 meter x 1 meter, larger platforms for an additional fee) or presentation area (3 meter x 2 meter) including setup/dismantling
  • Signboard
  • Display with your product description
  • Lighting and 3-socket outlet, including electricity (220 V)
  • Marketing package: Company name mentioned in all official media for analytica, exhibitor’s name appears on the occupational safety navigation bar at

You can be part of the special show at analytica 2018 for as little as EUR 2,200 (plus VAT)! Registration deadline: February 9, 2018!

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