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analytica 2020 will take place from October 19 – 22, 2020.
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Future-proof information technology solutions for the laboratory are presenting scientists and laboratory operators with previous unknown opportunities and challenges. Experts will present the latest technologies at the user level at analytica in Munich.

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Review 2018: Unique laboratory 4.0 supporting programm

In addition to the fair, our extensive supporting program gives visitors unique insights into current theory and practice.

Our new Forum Digital Transformation will present solutions for the world of tomorrow in over 33 lectures by well-known partners.

Following some lectures examples:

  • Sustainable Lab Automation, Speaker Matthias Freundel, Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA
  • Your Lab on the Cloud Speaker: Alec Westley (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Finding small molecules in big data Speaker: Dr. Emma Schymanski (University of Luxembourg,)

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Information technology • Software, evaluation procedures, LIMS, data management, databases • Automation • Networks • Laboratory medicineIntelligent laboratory equipment • Intelligent laboratory • Smart laboratory equipment, the smart laboratory • Laboratory supplies • Communication between laboratory equipment, networked laboratory equipment • Process digitization • IP • Big data • Cloud computing • Internet of things • Mobile Internet • Data bases

Future lab

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Efficient and connected – Laboratory 4.0 at analytica

Against the backdrop of increasing digitalization, the time has come to rethink various features and structures in the laboratory. Important future technologies have found their place in the laboratory value chain and are making leaner processes possible: The laboratory is evolving into a “future lab,” and information technology plays an important role in that process.

For quite some time, the laboratory of the future has been much more than just hardware and software compatibility, automation and evaluation techniques, data collection and management or LIMS. It is also about digitalizing processes. The beginning of this new phase of development in the laboratory calls for complex holistic solutions to problems. The number of network-capable laboratory devices with so-called smart functions is expected to grow at a rapid pace. Lab 4.0 is starting to become a reality.

Especially in growth-oriented industrial laboratories, it is important to improve efficiency, optimize structures, increase flexibility and save time spent doing unnecessary things so that laboratory employees can concentrate on the really demanding laboratory tasks and achieve high levels of quality. Key factors of success include safety, high-resolution analysis devices, modern laboratory equipment and rapid data availability.

Automated procedures: The future lab increases productivity

A prerequisite for the future lab is the unrestricted, manufacturer-independent ability of laboratory systems to communicate. The objective is to guarantee various flexible additional functions including monitored review processes through the continuous availability of data. Intelligent modules are already being used to control air-conditioning systems and blinds, to switch on laboratory equipment automatically and to regulate various processes in the laboratory. A safety cabinet can already automatically monitor and regulate collection receptacle spillage or communicate with other cabinet components and devices. The level of automation in chromatography systems will increase, and not just when it comes to solvents, gradients, sample loading and evaluation. Chromatography waste is already being collected automatically. Cameras that are built into various laboratory-technology tools intelligently control the things in their surroundings. In the future, they will also communicate with other laboratory devices.

The future lab stands for a new era in the laboratory. Existing equipment technology must be made future proof, and high-availability data networks are urgently needed. A gigantic flood of data must be put to use in a sensible manner. The quick and reliable transmission of huge quantities of data and IP-based networks also mean that data must be handled in an economical manner.


As next-generation technologies, the lean-lab concept, big data, cloud computing, the Internet of things and mobile Internet will play an extremely significant role in securing growth in the future.

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