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High performance and process optimization determine chemical and pharmaceutical research. The consumption of resources should be low and valuable working time should be saved. Targets requiring absolutely safe and reliable research results. But they are only as good as the available analytics. Get an overview of the state of affairs at the world’s leading trade fair in Munich.


Innovations from big industry players and startups

You will be able to scrutinize important interdisciplinary technologies for the industry at analytica, the world’s leading trade fair, in Munich – along the complete supply chain of analytics, because this is the wide range covered by the exhibiting companies.

Analysis results define the quality of the products and, thus, their business success in the chemical industry. From sample preparation to high end analytics and day-to-day laboratory routine – high-performance analysis methods set the standard. Sample preparation techniques, element analytics, electrophoresis, thin-layer techniques, gas and liquid chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) as well as spectrometric methods allow even lower detection limits and new detection possibilities. Digitalized and automatic analysis solutions already provide essential impulses. Therefore, appropriate, safe and cost-efficient analytics is decisive in its highly diversified application in the chemical industry.

Market leaders and innovative companies

Renowned exhibitors present the latest products and services of chemical industry. You can find all the leading manufacturers and startups focusing on chemical industry which participate in analytica 2020 in our exibition directory.

Following find an outline of participating companies of analytica 2020

Chemical industry at analytica

Well-known exhibitors present the latest developments, innovative equipment systems, specific application alternatives and future-oriented trends that meet the stringent demands in chemical research:

analysis technology• digitalization and Lab 4.0 • fundamental research • instrument analytics • chromatography • HPLC • GC • HPLC-MS •HPLC-MS/MS • GC-MS • GC-MS/MS • HPTLC • TA • TGA • spectrometry • spectroscopy • smart laboratory systems • quality assurance and control • automation • material and active substance research • material research • petrochemical industry • nanotechnology • safety & consumer protection • environmental and energy research • polymers and petrochemistry • measuring, controlling and tempering • industrial research • chemicals and reagents • occupational safety

A highly comprehensive program in reagents and chemicals

In addition to the fair, our extensive supporting program gives visitors unique insights into current theory and practice. In the following you can get an insight into our program of analytica 2018:

  • Extractable organic fluorine (EOF) - a useful parameter to assess unknown PFAS in contaminated sites
  • Overcoming Analytical Challenges Creates Opportunities for Assessing Remedial Approaches for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs)
  • Non-target analysis of highly fluorinated substances using ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry

This is what analytica 2018 offered in the field of reagents and chemicals:


exhibitors with focus in diagnostics and medicine technology




Live labs including demonstration


special show “Occupational Safety and Health”

Progress in instrument analytics

The latest developments in instrument analytics are pushing chemical knowhow and standards, such as GMP, GLP, REACH as well FDA, in the industrial lab – see for yourself at analytica.

Novel technologies are mainly important for chemical and pharmaceutical research and quality control. But the success in material research would not be possible without modern instrument analytics as well. The success in the synthesis of new active substances is credited to next generation technologies, as is the development of functional and intelligent materials. Plastics are of special significance for industrial applications. They can be applied nearly everywhere.

Growing significance of chemical research

There is a high demand for research and development, which means that the requirements to analytics are also increasing. Innovative synthesis and analysis methods, as they are exhibited at analytica, the world’s leading trade fair, set the pace for research into and tests for, new active substances, novel plastics and other materials. This gives chemical research and its portfolio decisive significance for other industries. The food and agriculture industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the health system, consumer goods and cosmetics or packaging technologies, the automotive industry and electromobility, they all have to rely on chemical products and methods. Chemical research with its potential is an important factor for nearly all sectors of the economy.

Trend platform analytica with a unique exhibition

At the next analytica in Munich, you will be able to take a close look at the latest equipment configurations and possible coupling possibilities in analytics and laboratory technology. Experts will present trendsetting technologies, you will find the right solution for every problem at the lab and in the process.

The leading trade fair of the industry provides a comprehensive overview of innovative methods in analytics and laboratory technology as well as of process optimization for all fields in the chemical industry in a unique mix of exhibition, supporting program, conference and other supporting events such as the Live Labs. Renowned exhibitors as well as young companies and startups will present their services and special solutions including all relevant safety aspects and standards. And in high end analytics, pioneering trends will be presented.

Visit the world’s biggest industry event to get an idea of the high-performance methods and future trends in analytics and the chemical industry.

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