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To know at any time which results are available, which devices are occupied or have to be maintained—made easy with LabSupervision and mixed reality.

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As a head of lab or project lead one must have a good overview on all sub-processes under your control

What is the current device usage, are all tasks fulfilled correctly, which devices need maintenance or are there sufficient consumables and chemicals available. The LabSupervision solution of the partners Nikyang Entprise Ltd., Parametric Technology GmbH and BSSN-Software GmbH effectively aggregates complex information from different laboratory islands with the help of the AnIML data format and displays it with a mixed-reality visualization for easy realization and decision-making.

The laboratory head gets provided with a powerful tool for analysis and control of his laboratory operation.

NIKYANG—Your automated solutions

Founded in 1998, NIKYANG Enterprise Limited has developed a reputation for dynamic leadership, satisfying our customers with innovative one-stop fully-automated laboratory solutions and support. Our state-of-the-art products and services make a major contribution to promoting lab efficiency, modernization, and consistency of results across a range of industries in Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we support our customers through an extensive sales network in major cities of China and other Asian countries. We are the region’s sole distributor for a select group of highly respected European brands of advanced laboratory equipment. Our customers are mostly quality control and research & development labs in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food sectors, as well as government laboratories and university research centres.

PTC—IoT und AR technologies

PTC helps life science companies reinvent the way they design, manufacture, operate, and service products for a smart, connected world. Today, 8 of 10 leading medical device manufacturers use PTC technology for successfully designing, manufacturing and servicing products. Visit us at the forum “Digital Transformation” and see for yourself how our IoT and AR solutions add value in the lab of the future – From increased transparency to optimization of lab workflows.

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