DNA sample being pipetted into petri dish with DNA gel
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Presentation of a chemical-analytical procedure using a laboratory information & management system for intelligent process automation.

Companies, services, products and software at a glance:

qualitype—NEO: The operating system for laboratories

The automation of laboratory workflows presents new challenges for users with existing LIMS systems. NEO integrates laboratory equipment via plug & play and makes automation a breeze. With NEO you can manage orders, samples, instruments, setup run analysis pro-cesses and of course the generated result data of any number of instruments. NEO integrates into existing systems thanks to its fully comprehensive API.

Integra—VIAFLO: Ergonomic Electronic Multichannel Pipettes

The single-, 8-, 12- and 16-channel electronic VIAFLO pipettes together with the GripTip pipet-te tips form a perfect pipetting system. GripTips snap into place with minimal force and remain securely attached. The balanced weight provides unsurpassed ergonomics. The unique touch wheel and color display allow settings to be changed very quickly.

Integra—VOYAGER: Electronic multichannel pipettes with adjustable tip spacing

The distance between the tips of the VOYAGER pipettes can be changed electronically at the touch of a button, allowing access to a wide variety of laboratory vessels during pipetting: e.g. from 96 to 384 well plates or sample transfers from tubes directly into microplates. VOYAGER pipettes use the GripTip tip system to ensure tips are perfectly attached all the time and never leak.

Medizin- und Labortechnik Engineering—Multichannel FIA system with autosampler and diluter

Our multichannel FIA system (5-cm-photometer) with autosampler and diluter serves the purpose of automated photometric concentration analysis of ions in aqueous solutions, food extracts and soil eluates, based on standardized determination methods. Flow injection analysis technology enables accurate sample examination with short analysis and commissioning times. The measured value processing is carried out by Windows software.

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