Polymer analysis–for quality and safety

Trade fair
analytica virtual – the digital trade fair of the laboratory industry

analytica virtual is the digital extension of analytica. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, analytica 2020 was held purely virtual.

analytica virtual
Quick raw material control: It’s the monomers that count

From petroleum, starch & Co: Plastics manufacturers rely on multiple starting materials. They verify the quality of their raw materials.

Raw material analysis
Controlled polymerization: From monomers to plastics

Density, rigidity and other properties of plastics depend on how the monomers link. In polymerization nothing is left to chance.

Monitoring polymerization
Customized plastics: Polymer analysis as a driver

Cheap plastics—as if! Some high tech plastics conduct electricity, others store information or are as resilient as steel. More about smart plastics.

Smart plastics
Harmful substances in plastics: Analysis for consumer protection

Harmful plasticizers and environmentally harmful flame retardants: Polymer analysis is used to check compliance with legal requirements.

Harmful substances in plastics
Sustainable plastics: Recycling needs analysis

Many different types of plastics are convenient for their application, but become a problem for recycling. Analysis paves the way into the closed-loop economy.

Sustainable plastics
Microplastics: A challenge for environmental analysis

Microplastics are no more than five millimeters big. Since the particles are hardly noticeable, they were not perceived as an environmental problem for a long time

Environmental analysis