Polymer analysis–for quality and safety

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Quick raw material control: It’s the monomers that count

From petroleum, starch & Co: Plastics manufacturers rely on multiple starting materials. They verify the quality of their raw materials.

Raw material analysis
Controlled polymerization: From monomers to plastics

Density, rigidity and other properties of plastics depend on how the monomers link. In polymerization nothing is left to chance.

Monitoring polymerization
Customized plastics: Polymer analysis as a driver

Cheap plastics—as if! Some high tech plastics conduct electricity, others store information or are as resilient as steel. More about smart plastics.

Smart plastics
Harmful substances in plastics: Analysis for consumer protection

Harmful plasticizers and environmentally harmful flame retardants: Polymer analysis is used to check compliance with legal requirements.

Harmful substances in plastics
Sustainable plastics: Recycling needs analysis

Many different types of plastics are convenient for their application, but become a problem for recycling. Analysis paves the way into the closed-loop economy.

Sustainable plastics
Microplastics: A challenge for environmental analysis

Microplastics are no more than five millimeters big. Since the particles are hardly noticeable, they were not perceived as an environmental problem for a long time

Environmental analysis