analytica trend reports

Milestones in Battery and Energy Research

Every research and development result is only as good as its process-accompanying analytics. Therefore, modern analytical methods for determination of electrolytes and identification of trace substances, raw materials, and material components are ind

Battery research
Digital transformation: Towards the laboratory of the future

The smart laboratory of the future is topic of our analytica trend report on lab 4.0. It shows how the modern laboratory is experiencing a paradigm change.

Laboratory 4.0
How natural are natural cosmetics?

The latest trend is toward natural cosmetics. But are they really as free from harmful substances as consumers expect? Read more about it in the analytica trend report on cosmetics.

Food analytics of the future: How authentic and safe are our foodstuffs?

Origin analysis has never been more important than it is now. Therefore read now the analytica trend report: Making sure that the contents match the label!

Food analysis
Trend Report Life Sciences: Focus on Personalized Medicine

The trend report Life Sciences provides all important facts about the current state of research in Personalized Medicine.

Life sciences
Trend report for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Instrumental analysis is the main topic of our chemical and pharmaceutical trend report. Find out more about the innovation driver in research!

Chemical and pharmaceutical industries