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analytica is postponed—new date: October 19 to 22, 2020

The new date for analytica is October 19–22, 2020 (Monday–Thursday). All tickets purchased and vouchers redeemed remain valid for the upcoming event.

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Dr.-Ing. Felix Lenk
Laboratory of the future: “It is not sufficient just to buy new equipment”

Dr.-Ing. Felix Lenk (Technical University of Dresden ) explains what a good digital strategy looks like – and what changes the laboratory of the future will bring to the daily work in the laboratory: “It is not sufficient just to buy new equipment”.

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Professor Dr. S. Ulrich Schubert
Battery reseach: “Polymers as active materials require a much smaller CO2 footprint during production”

Professor Dr. S. Ulrich Schubert (Friedrich Schiller University Jena) on the advantages and applications of polymer-based batteries and on trends in current battery research.

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